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IPR Enforcement

Intellectual property rights are valuable assets and it is necessary to preserve the same. These rights grant the author or the inventor certain exclusive rights. When anyone else other than the owner of such rights uses the right without the authorized permission then the act amounts to infringement of such rights. It is at this stage that the enforcement of these rights becomes a necessity.

⇒Trademarks - Trademark is the unique identity which is of great commercial value and if such right has been infringed, it would prove too costly for your business if adequate remedial measures are not taken immediately.
⇒Patents - Adequate Protection of patent rights is very important in order to increase your profits and to give you a competitive edge over others. After patent is granted there might be many instances of infringement and effective enforcement of your rights is required in such instances.
⇒Copyrights - Copyright protects the creative expression of original works in tangible form. It includes but is not limited to literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, computer software, sound recordings, pictures etc.

Owner of the intellectual property rights

We provide the following services in this regard:

⇒Legal Advice
We would provide you adequate advice with regard to the steps to be taken by you in order to protect your rights

⇒Draft notices
We would draft the required notices to be sent to the infringer so that they refrain themselves from continuing such infringing actions.

⇒Litigation support services
We would draft all the required documents for litigation related to the protection of your intellectual property rights.


In order to enforce the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of various areas of business, technology and law. Our attorney’s are with you at each step with regard to the enforcement of your rights across different jurisdictions. As the laws governing the respective intellectual properties are complex a deep and thorough understanding of the same is mandatory. Our team is well learned in this regard and completely equipped to help you out in complex cases of IP infringement.